Cassava Business Connector (CBC)


The cassava value chain is characterized by a communication gap between the value chain actors, leading to weak market linkage. Producers often do not know about the buyers, and the buyers do not know about the producers. Weak market linkage often creates an artificial gap in demand-supply and sometimes a glut effect. Resolving this problem requires efficient integration of value chain actors to improve communication and coordination, and create visibility to the value chain actors, including producers, input suppliers, processors, and end-users. Conventional procedures used for value chain promotion are an expensive and time-consuming process, and they often result in creating market linkage for a specific product. The Cassava Business Connector (CBC) is a digital innovation for cassava value chain integration to enhance market access. The App creates virtual value chain networks that enable a seamless integration of value chain actors and improve market linkages, with an ultimate aim to enhance income-generating opportunities to all the value chain actors.

About the Solution

CBC is an ICT App ( which can be used to map and register various stakeholders, including producers, aggregators, processors, service providers, NGOs, research institutions and others to create a virtual platform in each country. This system will help real-time status tracking, communication, coordination of information and management decisions. It allows for the creation of a database or repository of activities and records. It enables digital data collection, submission, and access using a smartphone or any internet-enabled devices. It includes a powerful map-based navigation tool for easy access to other actors (producers, buyers, sellers, and other stakeholders) for products or information. It includes an alert system and advertisement features for sharing product information and establishing direct trade linkages with the next users available on the platform.

CBC helps the coordination of material flow from fields to end-users, allows decentralized monitoring of production, real-time information exchange between the users, and offers secure accounts to each user, protected by login and password, for information safety.

The WebApp involves the building of a database of value chain actors, the products, services, geolocation, quantity, quality, certification, price, date of availability and other market information. Typically, users contribute market information and access the online database through computers or smartphones from any location and interact at any time with other value chain actors registered on the platform.

Information on products and services Computers Smart phones


Management technology with limited commercial potential

Startup Requirements
ICT App for market linkage and collaboration to verify information.
Production Costs
The App was developed as a public good.
Customer Segmentation
All cassava value chain actors.
Potential Profitability
The App, being a public good, was not evaluated on the basis of revenue and profitability.
Licensing Requirements
No licensing requirement for the use of CBC.
Innovation as Public Good
The solution, developed by IITA, is considered to be an international public good.


Accompanying Solutions

Geographical Positioning System (GPS) to provide geolocation of products and services.

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